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An exclusive online body language course from Former FBI Special Agent and international bestselling author Joe Navarro


The Expert program

Eleven modules combine scientific insights with five decades of hands-on application in the field. Exclusive training that will grow your interpersonal and business skills so you can be exceptional. Through Joe Navarro’s work with both government agencies and the world's most successful companies, his techniques have been tested and proven to work time and again.

  • Exclusive content

  • Personal mentor

  • Global network

  • Completion certificate

  • Access anywhere!

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Who is the training for?

Individuals and professionals who wish to stand out and master the power of nonverbal communication. Whether you want to develop your communication skills, increase your sales potential or negotiate better, this training is for you. 

  • Business owners

  • Coaches & Trainers

  • Sales

  • Management

  • Forensics

  • Finance

  • Communication

  • Health Care

  • HR

  • Entertainment

  • Law

  • And other professionals

Exclusive online training by Joe Navarro; Former

FBI Special Agent & World-leading Body Language Expert

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