The most unique online body language course in the world from Former FBI Special Agent and international bestselling author Joe Navarro

The Expert program

Eleven modules combine scientific insights with five decades of hands-on application in the field. Through Joe Navarro’s work with both government agencies and private businesses, his techniques have been tested and proven to work time and again. You will gain access to in-depth videos, quizzes, case studies, tests, personal mentoring and live webinars with Joe Navarro.

  • Exclusive content

  • Award-winning platform

  • Personal mentor

  • Performance review

  • Completion certificate

  • Access anywhere!

The Advanced program

A self-paced and flexible program designed for individuals and professionals who wish to master the secrets of nonverbal communication to move you and your career forward. Online training 2-4 months part time (50 hours). At the end of the training program you will have learnt and practiced all the skills needed to become an exceptional communicator on an advanced level in your chosen field.


  • Speed-read and decode body language

  • Enhanced communication and presentation skills

  • Negotiate more effectively

  • Increase your sales potential

  • Increased awareness of your own body language

  • Increase the understanding of feelings, thoughts and intentions of others

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