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The spycatcher

Not many can say they were personally approached to join the FBI, but this is exactly what happened to Joe Navarro while he was working as a police officer at the tender age of 23. He accepted their offer and became one of the youngest agents ever to join the renowned investigative agency.

Joe spent the next 25 years at the FBI, working both as an agent and supervisor in the areas of counterintelligence and counterterrorism. Through his work he was able to study, refine and apply the science of nonverbal communications. His acumen in this field and his success as a spy-catcher, led Joe to begin training FBI agents and the intelligence community.

Retiring from the FBI in 2003, and meeting overwhelming demand for his notable insights into human behavior, Joe has dedicated himself to speaking and consulting with major corporations worldwide.

Today Joe is recognized as one of the world’s foremost authorities on reading nonverbal communications and he has interviewed on programs such as NBC’s Today Show, Fox News, ABC’s Good Morning America, CBS’ Early Show, BBC News, and for publications such as The Washington Post, South China Morning Post, and Psychology Today.

Joe Navarro Body Language expert

The speaker and educator

Described by his audiences as “dynamic,” “superb,” and “captivating,” Joe has lectured throughout the United States, South America, Europe and Asia, teaching the skills of reading nonverbal behavior, as well as perception management.

A gifted educator and speaker, Joe utilizes his FBI experiences to guarantee his lectures are not only fascinating, but also singularly unique.

Personally sought out by CEOs of a number of major global organizations, Joe provides the same personalized hands-on attention, which made him famous at the FBI and at Harvard Business School where he has lectured annually for the past eight years.

Joe also sits on the Global Advisory Board of diverse international business group, the Libra Group, supporting its Executive Team and Board of Directors. He provides strategic guidance to the group that is active in aviation, energy, hospitality, real estate, shipping, and diversified investments. 

Joe Navarro Body Language expert; speaker and author

The bestselling author

Joe has been writing articles and books for the past 30 years. He has also written regular monthly columns for a variety of publications.

His books include the international best-seller, What Every Body is Saying, co-authored with Marvin Karlins, national bestseller Dangerous Personalities, co-authored with Toni Sciarra-Poynter, his most recent book, Be Exceptional, The Dictionary of Body Language, Three Minutes to Doomsday,  Louder Than Words co-authored with Toni Sciarra-Poynter, Advanced Interviewing Techniques co-authored with John Schafer and currently used by the FBI’s counterterrorism division, Hunting Terrorists: A Look at the Psychopathology of Terror, and Read 'Em and Reap, written with Marvin Karlins. Joe also has a number of eBooks available on a variety of topics, more information can be found on the BOOKS page.

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